Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Jeff Henry. Druggie. In bankruptcy court. Now out on bail for Murder2 charges in death of Caleb Schwab. Read his brag to governor about the wobbly slide.

Jeff Henry the designer of Verruckt, had drug reported by Dail Mail in the UK!

Jeff Henry, in front, with his brother Gary and his Dad.
Photo supplied by Jeff Henry to

and wait till the jury gets to read this from, the Wet Stuff interview:
Read the entire Wet Stuff interview here.

Thanks to, and author Bryan Curtis and photographer Kevin Cooley.  Great reporting!

Here's an excerpt where Henry displays his ability to make the former governor uncomfortable AND brag about how the slide feels unstable...

“Feel the shaking tower?” Jeff Henry, the designer, asked.
Sam Brownback, the governor, said, “I thought it felt like it was a little …”
“It wobbles,” Henry said.
The designer had a slightly wild look in his eyes. Without the slide, you might have thought Brownback was introducing an aggrieved rancher fighting the feds over grazing rights.
Travel Channel cameras were shadowing Henry for a documentary. “I’m not really a designer anymore,” he told Brownback. “I’m an actor.

Jeff Henry and Kansas governor Sam Brownback, 17 stories above the plains.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Great reporting by KSHB41: Schlitterbahn now $30 million in debt. Question: did Caleb Schwab's family get their $20 million Cash In Advance??

Great reporting! KSHBTV41 re Schlitterbahn bankruptcy

Check out that brown water at 1:00 into the video.  The audio then mentions a golf course, but the video is brown water, a bathing area clearly surrounded by white recliners.

Talk about a Shitty Bathing Experience.

Kudos to Channel 41--very seldom do TV stations report on bankruptcies.

Warning to families this Easter weekend:
I'd think twice about telling the kiddoes you're taking them to Schlitterbahn on opening day, May 25.

If your kid, grandkid  or you have an accident at the KCK Schlitterbahn this summer, just how much confidence should a prudent adult have that the park has any paid-up insurance to treat broken bones, twisted backs or bacterial infections???

Is there a release that you sign upon entering???   Responsible adults need to think ahead and do some homework before waltzing into a potentially life-altering situation.  Kids just wanna have fun.  And their brains are not fully developed to assess possible consequences.

warning to families!
Before you buy season passes to Schlitterbahn, (without Verruckt, the Tower of Death and Decapitation--as co-designed and mandated by the unindicted Wyandotte County UG Design Review Committee goons), stroll thru these pics and stories from unrelated Action Park NJ

There are a whole lot of white trash kids who are thrill seekers.  They actually glorify danger and getting injured at water parks.  Of course then our hospitals treat them, on the taxpayer's dime.  The bragging by these not-very-bright amped up kids in these Buzzfeed videos is disgusting and alarming.

And here's my question for the local news or STAR to investigate:
Was Caleb Schwab's family paid the $19.7 million out of court settlement by a reputable bonded insurance company?

Cash in advance?  How did it go down???  Respectfully and legit??  Or did manic scruffy nose-wiping-in-court Jeff Henry take the toothpick out of his filthy mouth and scratch his lice before setting down his beer before shaking Scott Schwab's hand and handing him a crumpled check?  Saying, "Sorry, dude.  I got this."

Nothing can make up for the loss of a child.  But if the Schwab family, including House Speaker pro tem Scott Schwab, candidate for Secretary of State,  is hoping to start a foundation to honor Caleb's life, will that funding actually be there?  Or just wash out like the fetid pond down in Corpus Christi, Texas?

Inquiring AG's want to know.

And note to Winter Prosapio, gum-snapping Communications Director/PR cowgirl--
considering all you know, feel free to turn whistleblower, for the sake of that dead child.  You know in your heart, this was an incident, not an accident.  Connect the dots.  Do you actually think you will retire from the Henry family organization with a FUNDED PENSION???  Get out while ya can, girl.  Try to salvage your reputation.  Don't be the Texas version of Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Monday, March 26, 2018

There is a God. Jeff Henry, the loser inventor of Verruckt at Schlitterbahn, also arrested re Caleb Schwab's decapitation!

Schlitterbahn co-owner arrested in Texas in connection with 10-year-old's water slide death

Jeff Henry. I hope you rot in hell.
You dreamed up the water slide.
You named it "insane" in German.
But you were the insane one, to endanger the public.
You built it too fast.
You and your buddy didn't even know what you were doing.
You had no training, ignored advice from a local Structural Engineer.
You covered up all the problems.
You endangered many lives.
You are responsible for Caleb Schwab being decapitated.
I THINK AFTER THIS, the trial,
the state of Kansas should order Schlitterbahn to leave the state. 
Not just tear down the slide.
But bulldoze the entire water park you and your greedy family built.