Saturday, August 13, 2016

Verruckt's landmark terror train will be torn down, well before the legal hush money settlements. Shame on local TV and STAR for covering up what happened.

The secret purpose of this Verruckt waterslide was corporate:
to serve as a landmark: 
a free giant outdoor billboard. 
Then it decapitated a little boy.  
Which reporters refused to report.
Afraid of losing a giant advertiser's budget.
Now it needs to be torn down.
I just watched KCPT's Week in Review, thanks Tony for the easy link (below). The Star columnist Mary Sanchez is maddeningly lacking good reasoning skills.  She even pretends she lives in Kansas, with her use of the universal "We".  Please!  Don't move here, Mary!  Sanchez uses weasel words and disingenuous, weak excuses to defend her clueless Stepford Wife opinions. She just doesn't get it, does she?

All three of the guests, (Sanchez, Wagar and Kraske) had clearly drunk the Koolaid from their bosses and the ad managers at their workplaces. So they all pretended they were just being "sensitive" in refusing to inform the public of WHAT happened at Schlitterbahn. Follow the money, Tonys readers and JocoPost readers! Local TV and Star management sold out their journalistic integrity.  They refused to say THE D WORD: decapitation, FOR FEAR OF LOSING AD REVENUES, should Schlitterbahn survive this.Then pretended it was driven by "parents with kids". 

Huzzah to Nick Haines, host, for saying it. But note, he had to say it first!

He played a TV news clip where an irresponsible Dad claimed, "We GOTTA have fun!" Actually, Dad, no you don't gotta. And if your own kids KNEW you were taking them to a business so lax in design and staff training that they too could be decapitated, those kids might not have gotten in the car with you. Kids are smarter than their parents many times. Shitty thrill-obsessed Dad--thinking he is teaching his kids to be fearless? They should fear for their lives...

Fox 4's Linda Wagar is a good reporter, (and blessedly middle-aged--such a novelty!). Just handcuffed by her financially-driven bosses. Schlitterbahn is a large large advertiser! She did point out that inspections are currently just someone with a clipboard "riding down the slide once". 

What she doesn't say is the point I've been making: It's the DESIGN of the channel, not just the raft! The physics of the too sleep second slope that causes going airborne--especially if the passengers are not loaded properly--front-loaded for weight. Or secured, with better than Velcro straps. 

Verruckt is a design failure. Just like the Hyatt was, 35 years ago. Only without a net that acted like a egg slicer, once bodies were propelled airborne into the net. With that stupid net, Verruckt engineers created a monster ride. It will be taken down. Tho before they do, send the engineers and their kids down, during the testing for the lawsuits where they try to defend their fatally flawed designs. 

Just like after the Hyatt. Even after Wayne Lischka, the celebrated engineer who demonstrated to them, what they did wrong--AND HOW THEY SHOULD HAVE OR COULD HAVE DONE IT INSTEAD, there was NO WAY they could rebuild the suspended skywalks. The only way they could stay in business and keep that business and building open was to remove the skywalk design entirely. 

Watch Ch 19's Week in Review, Nick Haines interviews three sellout TV & Star staffers using weasel words

Verruckt, the landmark Evil Knievel visual at Schlitterbahn will be torn down. Before the out of court hush money settlements even. You read it first, on my comment today on

I did appreciate Steve Kraske from the STAR pointing out the illegal gift from Schlitterbahn to the Kansas legislators that day: Gifts are capped at $100.  Well, it costs $52.98 for ONE online adult pass.  $40.98 for kids under 12, like Caleb Schwab.  So any legislator and spouse, even without any kids, was well over the limit.  And that's not counting the free food and drinks and gifts.

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  1. I found the Schlitterblog page very interesting and enlightening -- I know there has been some finger pointing as to who suggested/required the net, the headline on their own blog was "Massiv Update: No Net" and they go on to talk about the nets at all of their other parks. The design failure lies with them, and them alone, in my opinion. Here's the link:


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