Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Jeff Henry. Druggie. In bankruptcy court. Now out on bail for Murder2 charges in death of Caleb Schwab. Read his brag to governor about the wobbly slide.

Jeff Henry the designer of Verruckt, had drug reported by Dail Mail in the UK!

Jeff Henry, in front, with his brother Gary and his Dad.
Photo supplied by Jeff Henry to

and wait till the jury gets to read this from, the Wet Stuff interview:
Read the entire Wet Stuff interview here.

Thanks to, and author Bryan Curtis and photographer Kevin Cooley.  Great reporting!

Here's an excerpt where Henry displays his ability to make the former governor uncomfortable AND brag about how the slide feels unstable...

“Feel the shaking tower?” Jeff Henry, the designer, asked.
Sam Brownback, the governor, said, “I thought it felt like it was a little …”
“It wobbles,” Henry said.
The designer had a slightly wild look in his eyes. Without the slide, you might have thought Brownback was introducing an aggrieved rancher fighting the feds over grazing rights.
Travel Channel cameras were shadowing Henry for a documentary. “I’m not really a designer anymore,” he told Brownback. “I’m an actor.

Jeff Henry and Kansas governor Sam Brownback, 17 stories above the plains.