Saturday, September 3, 2016

How much did local officials know last week--when they held an Earthquake Drill--right before the Sept. 3rd Oklahoma tremor hit Joco??

So just last week the morning local news reported an Earthquake Drill.  Just in case the New Madrid Fault gave Joco and the metro its first earthquake since 1812.

Wikipedia, New Madrid Fault earthquakes, 1811-1812

The Mississippi ran backwards during KC's last big earthquake.  Barge drivers hate it when that happens!!!!

Odd?  Why now??  Out of the blue???  Or did they know something.  In the Watergate hearings, the big question was, what did they know, and when did they know it?

Or, as Arsenio Hall would say, HMMMMMMMM.

I forgot to call my insurance agent to ask about earthquake coverage.  Perhaps I should have. I bet the rates go up Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just downloaded the app, EarthquakeAlert from the Android play store. Thank you, Josh Klemm for making this free.
Google Play store free EarthQuakeAlert app here

Now there are those critics that think me terrible for criticizing madman Jeff Henry for designing Verruckt water slide so ineptly, on the back of a cocktail napkin perhaps, in a dare and a big damn hurry, just so his family-owned Schlitterbahn could be the lead story on XtremeSports reality TV show Season III by Animal Planet.  Jeff Henry refused to even listen to or meet with the local engineer who WROTE him documenting the "attractive nuisance" of his misloaded, badly designed water slide.  Jeff Henry's narcissism and stubbornness and GREED led directly to the decapitation of young Caleb Schwab, may he rest in piece.  I mean peace.

Well, Jeff Henry's deadly screw-up, still unacknowledged, has put me on alert.  I am not waiting around for a bunch of greedy thoughtless business owners and their lawyers to cover up their clients' messes.  And delay the fixes to protect the public.  I am once again sounding the alarm.

My job is not to be an engineer.  My job is to warn the public.  We need to stop letting politicians and less-than-bright bureaucrats sociopathic profit-obsessed businesses without a conscience risk our lives.  And in the case of earthquakes, the foundation of my biggest investment, my home in Shawnee Ks.

February 7, 1812, 0945 UTC (3:45 a.m.); (M 7.5‑8.0[2][3]) epicenter near New Madrid, Missouri.  New Madrid was destroyed. In St. Louis, Missouri, many houses were severely damaged, and their chimneys were toppled. 

So today we had our first earthquake since 1812.  And fortunately, it was NOT the New Madrid Fault, beneath us.  Just a tremor from a 5.6 earthquake in Oklahoma.  There have also been many more such quakes the past three years in Kansas, but I don't see Sam Brownback doing anything about that.
"Hey, the Koch brothers are oil and gas producers.  I made all their LLC's tax free in Kansas. So what if salt water is a byproduct of their extractions.   Not many Kansans even HAVE chimneys that can be toppled.  Let the people eat beef jerky.  What's a few cracks in your walls?  Stop whining...  Buy some spackle at Home Depot and let's get on with 'reinventing government' among friends!!!

So I don't expect Sam to fix this.  He's bought and paid for.  But how about you, Congressman Kevin Yoder?: You're in Congress.  This problem is bigger than Kansas.  It's your turn to lead.  Force oil and gas producers in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, wherever, to stop pouring their salt water into the ground, right on top of the crystalline layer full of faults.  That could set off our own New Madrid Fault any week now.

Yoder--How about you do this now, BEFORE our houses fall down, go boom. 

 And you, worthless Senator from oil country in western Kansas, the Big Red 1, Jerry Moran.  Mr. "last one to vote every time in the Senate, after you have your finger in the wind so long it dries out"----You too.
Senator Jerry Moran.  Supported largely by oil and gas producers in western Kansas, who then pour their salt water refuse back into the earth.  Kansas has had a marked increase in earthquakes.  Caused by this.  Moran has NEVER voted first on any bill in the US Senate, EVER!!!  Not even the one bill he co-sponsored!!! He waits to vote with the majority.  

If  you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.  
I learned in my high school science classes in Iowa, (a "state of minds"), you don't put salt water into a fresh water river.  

So here's the deal, boys.  Make the oil and gas producers either haul their salt water byproduct of oil and gas production to an ocean.  Or desalinate that waste water, and then it can go in the nearest river.

Here's the link to a great story.  
60 Minutes story documents recent quakes from manmade causes

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