Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Clean up your yard quick! And close your garage door!!! Big Brother/aka JoCo government is taking the picture of every home.

Click here to see why there's a white van in front of your home...

It's just Big Brother.

And it's time for the Johnson County update.

I know it would look much more prosperous if the bureaucrats scheduled this when there are leaves on the trees.  Oh well, apparently, NON-beggars can't be choosers, either.

At the very least, close your garage door.  Nobody wants to see it.  You've seen those commercials for Febreze, re pet odors you have gone "nose blind" to?  Every day you park your car and rush to enter your home through a maze of rubble, boxes, sports equipment, plastic toys, tomato cages, hoses, loppers, ladders, shovels and junk just piled up waiting for Deffenbaugh's Spring Cleanup.

I am reminded of the great George Carlin, and his routines about Our Stuff.

And what about those treasures you are pre-staging in your garage for that sale you never got around to, last year?

Ouch, I just hurt myself with self-confession.  
Surely someone will pay handsomely for Joan Baez vinyl.  Nobody I'd date, but somebody.

Remember the JoCo Golden Rule: We in the golden ghetto do not want to see the white trash you have become "garage blind" to.  Close your garage door except when ingressing or egressing.
That's the rule in my HOA.  Or at least it was before the world's worst HOA President, Krista Turner, came to power.

Besides, in these temps, it's freezing all the garden and painting supplies you have in your garage.

And if your yard is cluttered as well, hurry--there's a brief warm-up in the weather.  Pick up your crap.  Store your giant trash bins where they belong, either inside your garage, or at least behind the front wall of your home.

These curbside portraits of your biggest investment will be like a drivers' license for your home for more years than you might imagine.  Used not just for assessment and taxation, but also all these google maps, etc that prospective homebuyers search before they buy in your neighborhood.

So between the county's white van and Google Maps' eye in the sky, you can run but you can't hide.

If your neighbors' yards look a mess, that can reflect negatively on your home's value, especially if you are moving soon.  Have some fun.  Challenge your neighbors to play a game like I do with kids: 30 Minute Pickup.  Only in your case, the winner gets a beer.  Not bad, right before the next playoffs game.

At the bottom of the link, there are some other things the Curious Mind can search.  Verify the property lines for your fences, for example.

And if you have a loved one in the dating world, or on Tinder (heaven help you), or your kids or grandkids are going on playdates with schoolmates, one can check out the kind of dwelling they might be visiting.

With my Norwegian frugality, and OCD talents, at least when I decide to get rid of stuff I will have the right sized box to put things in:

Now why haven't I cleaned out my own garage, you ask?  I'm busy.  Blogging.

Happy New Year.


  1. Not bad!the only thing that I learned here is to begin with the best discipline.
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  2. My garage was a mess as well. I took everything out and started over, including adding garage floor mats which help me keep my garage clean.


  3. Holy cow, these pictures remind me of my own garage from about 9 months ago. It's so easy to just throw all your junk in the garage and forget about it, until you've got no space left to park a car! Taking the time to clean it out will definitely be well worth it.


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