Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Justice!!!! Schlitterbahn to close and remove Verruckt death machine!!!

Verruckt slide at Schlitterbahn with the killer netting above innocent unsuspecting riders.  When the raft went airborn this summer, the hook and loop belts (not Velcro brand) gave way, expelling young Caleb Schwab into the netting, and decapitating him.  JocoPost.com was the first to report the decapitation.  Confirmed the news with an eyewitness and an investigator sworn to secrecy for fear of losing their job in law enforcement--due to the cozy relationship of county government and their big money-generating local business.  We shared the decapitation details with Tonyskansascity.com--and Tony shared it with the world.  For the first week, local TV refused to say the word "decapitation".  The public was so misled, families were still attending the water park as if this was some trivial accident, rather than a horrific and preventable death trap.

KCTV 5 reported it as their lead story at 6pm today.

The results of the investigation must have been brutal!  Waiting for more details tomorrow, but here is Steve Vockrodt's initial report in the STAR.   (Just last week, he and I had speculated on whether the report would be buried and the victims paid for their silence.)

KC STAR reports Verruckt removal, three minutes after TV5 broke the story at 6pm

Schlitterbahn can never compensate Scott Schwab's family for the decapitation of their sweet son, Caleb.  But this is the right thing to do.

That slide was a blight on the landscape.

Good riddance.

I hope someone goes after the man, the son of the original owners of the water park, and send him to prison.  This was his doing.  He was so desperate to be the lead story on XTreme Sports cable show that he committed to building the world's tallest water slide.  With insufficient planning and design time.  Without telling his family/business partners.  Without knowing how to do it safely.  And according to a local engineer, he ignored phone calls from a structural engineer who tried to warn him--the design was defective, and would kill ejected passengers.

More to follow.

TV5 breaks story: Schlitterbahn says Verruckt will be coming down

Thursday, November 10, 2016

OK, Hillary-in-mourning folks: Change the channel in your head! Last night for KIFF film festival, Glenwood Arts/Ranchmart. "Dying of the Light", Eagle Huntress, KIFF local shorts or The Kandidat, thriller about a Slovakian Presidential campaign!

All over town, I find folks in mourning for Hillary's loss.

To gain perspective, here's how to change the channel in your head.  Come to the final night of this town's best film festival, Kansas International Film Festival.  At Ranchmart South, 95th & Mission.

Here are my picks:

5:25  Dying of the Light
          (No, it's not about the meltdown of the Democratic party!!!)  It's an excellent documentary about the fact that movies (and cameras) are now all going electronic--being made digitally, without the special qualities afforded by photochemical film.  This compares to the paintings of The Masters being no longer painted in oil.  It's a funeral for the past.  See how I related it to the thoughts on instant replay in your head???

5:30pm  The Eagle Huntress
          This is a sneak preview, and will have more screenings, starting around December.  A 13 year old girl in Mongolia becomes the first female in her family's centuries' old tradition of hunting, using giant golden eagles, atop horseback.  In deep snow.  On the steppes of Mongolia.  Which is really really hard to do!!!!  Harder than being paid to be a protester on the Country Club Plaza.  You'll see some of the best cinematography ever captured on film.  Stop feeling sorry about America!  Stop being afraid.  This might be the perfect film for you--and any brainwashed children who are crying today!!!  Stop watching TV news networks and liar-for-hire pollsters try to explain how they quit reporting and actually tweeted out insults and campaigned rather than reporting on our elections!!

7:30 pm: KIFF Local #2
           See seven short films made by local filmmakers.  Maybe discover the next Steven Spielberg!

Getty image.  Melania is from Slovenia, not Slovakia, where KIFF film The Kandidat was filmed... but still--it's about a maniuplative Presidential campaign!  Art imitates life???  ps, I HAVE NO IDEA WHY SHE ALWAYS SQUINTS.

7:35pm:  The Kandidat
             A cynical black humor thriller, takes place in Slovakia during a presidential campaign.   Based on a novel about a manipulative game of promoting an unknown into the Presidency of a country.  Go figure:  Art imitating life!!!  This is why KIFF is such a terrific film festival.
 Ironically, and no part of this film, Slovakia is right next door to Slovenia, the home country of our next First Lady--Melania Trump!!!  (I guess we have four years to figure that one out.)

 For more details, see www.kansasfilm.org

Great food at KIFF cafe--I love Chef Kat Irons' special curried chicken salad on croissant with Sun Chips...

Sunday, November 6, 2016

CABARET: Wowsers at Musical Theater Heritage in Crown Center.

I love musicals--and so do many of the women who live with the good readers of Tonyskansascity.com.  And even those who sleep with the trolls there.   So here is a NO FAIL DATE NIGHT SUGGESTION for Tony's readers.  Courtesy of KC's local musical and theatrical expert, Bill Doty.

CABARET is one of those musicals you see again and again, not only if you have been out of touch for a long time (40+ years), but  to see how it is staged and performed.  Having been described as (Kansas City’s) John Kander and the late Fred Ebbs’ masterpiece, CABARET is one of  the best musicals ever to trod the boards.   Kander and Ebb (Cabaret, Chicago, Kiss of the Spider Woman) are already right there with the Sondheim,  Schonberg/Boubil (Les Mis...) and Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber as institutional forces in American musical theatre.  So, there you have them “Cabaret” and Kander and Ebb – venerable, indelible, incomparable.  Armed with that, you can take your seat.

Executive Producer Chad Gerlt and Artistic Director Sarah Crawfords’ just- opened Musical Theater Heritage (MTH)/Crown Center production of CABARET is an unqualified rave!
First, the concert-style musical format, a force unto itself, takes us to the madness of 1931 Berlin where we are constantly surprised and seduced.   Artistic Director Sarah Crawford’s masterful casting, directing and her use of the syncopated choreography of the late Bob Fosse (OMG, FOSSE!) are reason enough to get tickets now..  The play is sensitively enacted – as Nazism takes hold, we care about the storyteller (author Christopher Isherwood) as Cliff, his landlady, Fraulein Schneider, the androgynous emcee of club Kit-Kat Klub/his “girls,” and the unwieldy faux Brit, Sally Bowles.   
I’ll leave theatre-goers to see these consummate performances, this incredible story – except to say that they are all stunning – perfectly researched and imagined – brilliant and (oops, a slip) Stefanie Wienecke as Sally Bowles may be the best Sally you (or anybody) has ever seen.  

Doty postscript: I am booked to see CABARET at least two more times. 

Tracy adds:   
Bill Doty is not just some guy in a diner with an untrained ear and eye for theatre.  He has had dinner with Andrew Lloyd Webber in London.  He is a playwright with a current work in previews in NYC..."Children of the April Rain".  He worked in Hollywood and at the National Archives for 49 years--with all the Hollywood stars.  He's our version of Forrest Gump.  He knows everyone worth knowing.  Tennessee Williams once rang his doorbell at 8:30 in the morning, in his skivvies, holding out a coffee mug and asking: "Got vodka?"

And Doty buys his tickets.  These are not the rahrah writings of a reviewer sitting in the comped seats.  So when he says, this is the musical of the year, you can trust him.

For tickets to Cabaret 
at MTH/Musical Theater Heritage, 

You are Willkommen!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

HOT TICKETS! Win 2 free tickets to meet Ed Asner, Sunday night 5pm at KIFF/Ks Intl Film Festival, Glenwood Arts, Ranchmart South, 95th & Mission. See his doc: "My Friend, Ed."

KCK's loveable hometown movie star, Ed Asner, (aka Lou Grant on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, plus 101 other roles on film and TV), will be our town's version of Robert Redford at Sundance--at the 16th annual KIFF/Kansas International Film Festival running now thru Nov. 10.

About "My Friend, Ed":
Sunday, Nov. 6   one showing only!  5:05pm    

Special Events:
3:30 to 4:15pm            Autograph Party   (one item per person)
4:15 to 4:30pm            Media Interviews
4:30 pm                       Seating for the one showing.  
                                   Festival passes seated first, 
                                    {$60/see 18 possible films in one week. 
                                    Fri. Nov. 4-10 plus mingle all week: attend 2
                                    exclusive parties with filmmakers and stars}

5:05 pm                       Screening of "My Friend, Ed"
                                    55 min. documentary
6p-6:30pm                   QandA: Ed Asner; daughter Liza Asner, and 
                                   Sharon Baker, Director/Writer 

Tony is helping me and my favorite local film festival give away free tickets to selected films this year.
To win, send me a polite request via comment (not on Tonyskansascity but on www.jocopost.com).
You may log on, or click the link Tony provides, or click this blog in the RH column of Tonys site.

I will need your name and email address and phone number--so you can't just be anonymous.  Since I screen all comments first, I won't publish your info, just use it to see if I can score you two free tickets.

I will give away as many tickets as I can.
This one will be VERY popular.
If you win, I will immediately send you the form, and notify the Will Call Desk at the Glenwood Arts.  I will also let you know if you did not win FREE tix, but encourage you to buy them early, as they are selling FAST.
Winners will take your Confirmation Email (print out or just show your phone) to the Will Call in the vast underground theatre lobby Ranchmart South to pick up your tickets.  (You may park on the 95th St. side and walk down the 20 steps, or park in back, off 95th Ter. just east of Mission Rd.)
You may also buy extra tickets there --if it's not sold out.  Goin' fast!

Each of the 35 FULL LENGTH films at this year's KIFF film festival ONLY AIRS ONCE!!!
Tickets are not exchangeable for another film.  Five different indie films (docs, narratives or animations) are screened in the five auditoriums, one time only, at any given time.   Audience members vote on their favorites, to earn additional showings in the future.

This year a record number of filmmakers and performing artists are flying in for the festival.  It's a big deal in the independent film world.  The stars and producers will be partying in Westport, and mingling with fans and other movie producers at the Glenwood Arts, at the KIFF Cafe, where Kat Irons prepares gourmet food.  Paparazzi welcome.  So chew your curry chicken salad on croissant with your mouth closed--please!!!

In addition, KIFF President Brian Mossman has arranged for Sneak Previews one time only of three highly anticipated films that will not open for general release until Christmas!:
Friday, Nov. 4  "Jackie"     7:30pm  one screening only.  Stars Natalie Portman,
                                            drama, Jacqueline Kennedy AFTER JFK was assassinated

Sat, Nov. 5        "Lion"         4:45pm one screening only.  Stars Dev Patel.  True story.
                                              Six year old Hindu boy jumps train, can't get home.
                                              Adopted in Australia.  25 years later, uses Google Earth
                                              to view every train station in India.  Mom???

Sun. Nov. 6       "Neruda"    7:15pm, one screening only.  Right after Asner.
                                             An inspector hunts down Nobel Prize Laureate,
                                             fugitive Chilean poet Pablo Neruda.

The KIFF Festival is the best in Kansas City--like going to Cannes or Sundance, only you can still get tickets!  Independent films, animations, shorts and the three studio sneaks.

For details, go to www.kansasfilm.com

Here's the complete Ed Asner press release/bio

For more offers of free tickets, and info about the great indie films at KIFF, see our sister site: www.KcmoPost.com

Saturday, September 3, 2016

How much did local officials know last week--when they held an Earthquake Drill--right before the Sept. 3rd Oklahoma tremor hit Joco??

So just last week the morning local news reported an Earthquake Drill.  Just in case the New Madrid Fault gave Joco and the metro its first earthquake since 1812.

Wikipedia, New Madrid Fault earthquakes, 1811-1812

The Mississippi ran backwards during KC's last big earthquake.  Barge drivers hate it when that happens!!!!

Odd?  Why now??  Out of the blue???  Or did they know something.  In the Watergate hearings, the big question was, what did they know, and when did they know it?

Or, as Arsenio Hall would say, HMMMMMMMM.

I forgot to call my insurance agent to ask about earthquake coverage.  Perhaps I should have. I bet the rates go up Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just downloaded the app, EarthquakeAlert from the Android play store. Thank you, Josh Klemm for making this free.
Google Play store free EarthQuakeAlert app here

Now there are those critics that think me terrible for criticizing madman Jeff Henry for designing Verruckt water slide so ineptly, on the back of a cocktail napkin perhaps, in a dare and a big damn hurry, just so his family-owned Schlitterbahn could be the lead story on XtremeSports reality TV show Season III by Animal Planet.  Jeff Henry refused to even listen to or meet with the local engineer who WROTE him documenting the "attractive nuisance" of his misloaded, badly designed water slide.  Jeff Henry's narcissism and stubbornness and GREED led directly to the decapitation of young Caleb Schwab, may he rest in piece.  I mean peace.

Well, Jeff Henry's deadly screw-up, still unacknowledged, has put me on alert.  I am not waiting around for a bunch of greedy thoughtless business owners and their lawyers to cover up their clients' messes.  And delay the fixes to protect the public.  I am once again sounding the alarm.

My job is not to be an engineer.  My job is to warn the public.  We need to stop letting politicians and less-than-bright bureaucrats sociopathic profit-obsessed businesses without a conscience risk our lives.  And in the case of earthquakes, the foundation of my biggest investment, my home in Shawnee Ks.

February 7, 1812, 0945 UTC (3:45 a.m.); (M 7.5‑8.0[2][3]) epicenter near New Madrid, Missouri.  New Madrid was destroyed. In St. Louis, Missouri, many houses were severely damaged, and their chimneys were toppled. 

So today we had our first earthquake since 1812.  And fortunately, it was NOT the New Madrid Fault, beneath us.  Just a tremor from a 5.6 earthquake in Oklahoma.  There have also been many more such quakes the past three years in Kansas, but I don't see Sam Brownback doing anything about that.
"Hey, the Koch brothers are oil and gas producers.  I made all their LLC's tax free in Kansas. So what if salt water is a byproduct of their extractions.   Not many Kansans even HAVE chimneys that can be toppled.  Let the people eat beef jerky.  What's a few cracks in your walls?  Stop whining...  Buy some spackle at Home Depot and let's get on with 'reinventing government' among friends!!!

So I don't expect Sam to fix this.  He's bought and paid for.  But how about you, Congressman Kevin Yoder?: You're in Congress.  This problem is bigger than Kansas.  It's your turn to lead.  Force oil and gas producers in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, wherever, to stop pouring their salt water into the ground, right on top of the crystalline layer full of faults.  That could set off our own New Madrid Fault any week now.

Yoder--How about you do this now, BEFORE our houses fall down, go boom. 

 And you, worthless Senator from oil country in western Kansas, the Big Red 1, Jerry Moran.  Mr. "last one to vote every time in the Senate, after you have your finger in the wind so long it dries out"----You too.
Senator Jerry Moran.  Supported largely by oil and gas producers in western Kansas, who then pour their salt water refuse back into the earth.  Kansas has had a marked increase in earthquakes.  Caused by this.  Moran has NEVER voted first on any bill in the US Senate, EVER!!!  Not even the one bill he co-sponsored!!! He waits to vote with the majority.  

If  you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.  
I learned in my high school science classes in Iowa, (a "state of minds"), you don't put salt water into a fresh water river.  

So here's the deal, boys.  Make the oil and gas producers either haul their salt water byproduct of oil and gas production to an ocean.  Or desalinate that waste water, and then it can go in the nearest river.

Here's the link to a great story.  
60 Minutes story documents recent quakes from manmade causes

Note: you don't have to log in to read the text, just scroll down.

Due to an RSS linking error in my site, Tonyskansascity.com cannot auto-link to my feed at www.jocopost.com.  I need an expert in blogger.com to fix this for me, thanks for telling your friends.  Tracy Thomas, publisher.  

Tony's site does auto-link in the right hand column of his site, to www.KcmoPost.com.  read the companion stories there.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Guest reviewer (Hollywood and theatre expert) Bill Doty says $178 ticket to see Josh Groban & Sarah McLachlan at Starlight was over the full moon worth it.

Sarah McLachlan, the Arms of the Angel singer  (sorry it's a fuzzy image!)

My celebrated and worldly friend, Bill Doty, is the only man I know who saw "Les Mis" on Broadway (not Theatre League) 21 times, and paid for each ticket.  He has returned to PV from his careers in Hollywood (publicist for Merv Griffin Show for years) and his second act, National Archives, and is now a playwright, "Children of the April Rain", about the airlift of the Vietnam orphan babies...which is having its 8th reading in the NYC area in September.   Last night, Doty went to Starlight Theatre to see and hear Josh Groban's concert with Sarah McLachlan.  Here is his review.


Incomparable.  Irishman, Foy Vance got cheering approval from the all but sold out audience (all upscale parking was sold out – we had to enter from the west and park on the grass); 

Sarah McLachlan is gorgeous beyond belief, composes brilliantly, plays (I counted) four instruments at least and sings like an angel.  

That description was used again for Josh Groban by the bully who punched him out in school!
Josh Groban, final tour before he opens on Broadway this November

  Vance opened, McLachlan began the show – and then Mr. Groban did an entire show after the Intermission.  I knew he would be the best, but even that was doubled or tripled.  The stage was set in black with his six chandeliers – (“Oh, here comes Josh with his six chandeliers!”) but then the shock of the entire stage, lights on, profusely – alive with a full upstage screen and otherworldly projections – clouds wafting by a full moon, a multi-era scrapbook of paintings, objective and abstract – perfectly timed.  

Wham – Josh, dressed in black jeans as though he’d just happened by (and participated in everything on stage, including a drum solo) and the reveal – The Kansas City Festival Orchestra and charts that would make history – (supported by Webster University Chamber Singers),  thundering accompaniments, the orchestra challenging Groban, in songs from musicals, tunes in French and Portuguese, duets with his openers (a “Bridge Over Troubled Water” with Irish rocker Foy Vance that would make us forget SM&JG); a ballad with McLachlan – a once  in anytime pairing of legendary voices. 

Throughout,  Groban would approach the inevitable scary high note – shave it just a little (appearing to have substituted a modulation/change to cover a lurking inability to make the impossible reach) and then he would soar higher! 

I’ve seen “Les Mis...” 21 times and Groban’s “Bring Him Home” was better than any – ever.  Nobody dares to sing “Over the Rainbow” in the wake of Garland – yet--he announced that he had “a cold beer and burnt ends waiting on the bus” and then stopped the show with it.  

Critics must be reserved and even the Star went crazy (for them)!  This was a theatre show, an international show, and a debut of a ballad from his upcoming Broadway debut. 

As classy as classy could be.
I’ll skip seeing a few local shows until I’ve recovered financially from investing $178!  It was worth it.
--Bill Doty

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Verruckt's landmark terror train will be torn down, well before the legal hush money settlements. Shame on local TV and STAR for covering up what happened.

The secret purpose of this Verruckt waterslide was corporate:
to serve as a landmark: 
a free giant outdoor billboard. 
Then it decapitated a little boy.  
Which reporters refused to report.
Afraid of losing a giant advertiser's budget.
Now it needs to be torn down.
I just watched KCPT's Week in Review, thanks Tony for the easy link (below). The Star columnist Mary Sanchez is maddeningly lacking good reasoning skills.  She even pretends she lives in Kansas, with her use of the universal "We".  Please!  Don't move here, Mary!  Sanchez uses weasel words and disingenuous, weak excuses to defend her clueless Stepford Wife opinions. She just doesn't get it, does she?

All three of the guests, (Sanchez, Wagar and Kraske) had clearly drunk the Koolaid from their bosses and the ad managers at their workplaces. So they all pretended they were just being "sensitive" in refusing to inform the public of WHAT happened at Schlitterbahn. Follow the money, Tonys readers and JocoPost readers! Local TV and Star management sold out their journalistic integrity.  They refused to say THE D WORD: decapitation, FOR FEAR OF LOSING AD REVENUES, should Schlitterbahn survive this.Then pretended it was driven by "parents with kids". 

Huzzah to Nick Haines, host, for saying it. But note, he had to say it first!

He played a TV news clip where an irresponsible Dad claimed, "We GOTTA have fun!" Actually, Dad, no you don't gotta. And if your own kids KNEW you were taking them to a business so lax in design and staff training that they too could be decapitated, those kids might not have gotten in the car with you. Kids are smarter than their parents many times. Shitty thrill-obsessed Dad--thinking he is teaching his kids to be fearless? They should fear for their lives...

Fox 4's Linda Wagar is a good reporter, (and blessedly middle-aged--such a novelty!). Just handcuffed by her financially-driven bosses. Schlitterbahn is a large large advertiser! She did point out that inspections are currently just someone with a clipboard "riding down the slide once". 

What she doesn't say is the point I've been making: It's the DESIGN of the channel, not just the raft! The physics of the too sleep second slope that causes going airborne--especially if the passengers are not loaded properly--front-loaded for weight. Or secured, with better than Velcro straps. 

Verruckt is a design failure. Just like the Hyatt was, 35 years ago. Only without a net that acted like a egg slicer, once bodies were propelled airborne into the net. With that stupid net, Verruckt engineers created a monster ride. It will be taken down. Tho before they do, send the engineers and their kids down, during the testing for the lawsuits where they try to defend their fatally flawed designs. 

Just like after the Hyatt. Even after Wayne Lischka, the celebrated engineer who demonstrated to them, what they did wrong--AND HOW THEY SHOULD HAVE OR COULD HAVE DONE IT INSTEAD, there was NO WAY they could rebuild the suspended skywalks. The only way they could stay in business and keep that business and building open was to remove the skywalk design entirely. 

Watch Ch 19's Week in Review, Nick Haines interviews three sellout TV & Star staffers using weasel words

Verruckt, the landmark Evil Knievel visual at Schlitterbahn will be torn down. Before the out of court hush money settlements even. You read it first, on my comment today on Tonyskansascity.com.

I did appreciate Steve Kraske from the STAR pointing out the illegal gift from Schlitterbahn to the Kansas legislators that day: Gifts are capped at $100.  Well, it costs $52.98 for ONE online adult pass.  $40.98 for kids under 12, like Caleb Schwab.  So any legislator and spouse, even without any kids, was well over the limit.  And that's not counting the free food and drinks and gifts.

Note: due to a programming link error, until someone can figure out how to fix it on Blogger.com, you must go to the actual entire website, to subscribe:
Same for our sister site:

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Guest editorial by Roger the Plumber: The real Mr. Johnson County, Ben Craig, has died. Here's what 49 years of perfect attendance means ...

Guest editorial by Roger Peugeot, aka Roger the Plumber

Banker and father figure to what makes Johnson County great:  Ben Craig.

Legendary Johnson County leader Ben Craig died this week.  The STAR did a great profile of him, which is attached at the end.

Here's my takeaway:
When a sensational leader dies, many may lament, "They don't make them like Ben any more.  Who will take his place?"

To me, that's a copout.  What was the whole point?  Did we learn nothing? Everyone of us can take smaller steps that make a difference in having a livable community.

Let's not park our past in our future--
or the present.

If you have a good idea--do something today about it.  Phone someone.  Have a cup of coffee, like Ben Craig often did.  Praise someone.  Encourage someone.  Write a small check or volunteer an evening or weekend day to support SOMETHING you believe in.

The other thing I'd say is:  Show up.  That's a huge lesson from Ben Craig.

He belonged to Rotary.  This was something I wish I'd done, but my emergency line of work called me away to someone's home so often that I didn't have lunch on time or had to skip it entirely about 2/3 of every day of my 60+ year career.

Rotarians are big on JUST SHOWING UP to their weekly meetings!  No excuses.  It's a practice that they promote, because it leads to so many other qualities that get things done in your town.  Well, Ben Craig had a perfect attendance record for 49 straight YEARS.  Not weeks, years!

The Rotarians do allow make-up sessions at other chapters within the week if you must miss.  (Kind of like twelve step groups.  You are your word because you are then called upon to be extraordinary by going to visit another chapter's meeting to KEEP YOUR COMMITMENT.)

Now Ben Craig was playing for 50 years of perfect attendance.  Who wouldn't?!  So it was with a heavy heart that he came down with pancreatic cancer, and was given just 4 weeks to live.  Ben got into action, before he went to hospice.  He visited every civic group where he served on a board--to say goodbye!!!  Isn't that neat?  He got the chance to say goodbye, and he took it.  I was there when he bid adieu to our Overland Park Historical Society.

And of course, when word got out that Ben was coming to his Overland Park Rotary chapter meeting, phones were busy calling every last member to show up to say goodbye to perhaps their greatest, most productive member ever.  The room at the Marriott was overflowing.  And so were the tears.

Sure, it's sad when a loved and respected one dies.  But without death, without a deadline, many good things would not get acknowledged.  We all die.  Getting to say goodbye ahead of time is a bonus.

We live in a little heaven on Earth called Johnson County.  Men (and women) like Ben Craig made it that way.  By showing up.  And doing the right things.

Rest in peace, Ben.  You made a difference and will not be forgotten.  You ran far ahead of most in the race.  And we continue...one step at a time.

Roger Peugeot
Roger the Plumber

Ben Craig profile in KC STAR

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Manchurian Candidate in Golden Ghetto? Serial rageaholic veteran (PTSD?) challenges Kevin Yoder. Greg Goode could shoot up the halls of Congress if thwarted. Dating Sam Brownback's wildly ambitious fixer cousin.

A dangerous man is trying to sneak into Congress from southern Johnson County--on a kneejerk strategy to Vote Out All Incumbents.

Don't have time to read the attached 170 page investigative report on Greg Goode before the Aug. 2nd R. primary?  Read this summary before you vote.  And unlike Missouri, at least in Kansas you can vote in advance, without lying about a disability or travel:  https://www.jocoelection.org/voters/AdvanceVoting.htm

1.) Greg Goode, aka "no-good-Goode" had charges filed against him TWICE for domestic violence crimes, including a Christmas eve arrest for domestic violence involving minor children.

2.) Blames his ex-spouse's reporting his crimes for putting him in "trouble" with the Army.  Note: as he says on p.53 to the Leavenworth cops, "We've been married {to one another!} 4x, and it never seems to work out!"  Duh. He worries his history of domestic violence might cost him his job (it should!) and firearm, (it could)!  Then THREATENS his spouse for her pursuit of domestic violence charges lest it impact future child support payments.

3.) Police were called to "no-good-Goode's" home NUMEROUS times to deal with his outbursts.  This is the profile of a man who can grab a gun at any time.  Do you want him shooting up the halls of Congress if he is thwarted?

4.) "No-good-Goode's" erratic behavior + belligerence placed him under multiple and long-standing no-contact orders from the District Court prohibiting Greg Goode from visiting his children for YEARS after his family separation.  His repeated violations of the no-contact orders had him officially held in contempt of court  fined + sanctioned by the District court judge.

5.) "No-good-Goode" represents himself in court: that's troubling in itself.         A red flag to any judge.  Demonstrates distrust for the rule of law.  (Also a problem for someone running for Congress.)  Greg Goode's personality and behavior were so troubling to the court that the District court judge mandated that he undergo psychiatric evaluation.  (Not just psychological.)  
6.) Greg Goode only registered as a Republican three years ago.  Now he wants to lead the country?  He is running in the R. primary against Kevin Yoder, a member of the powerful House Appropriations Committee, the ONLY conservative to win re-election in the history of Kansas' third congressional district.

7.) Finally, Greg Goode's own DAUGHTER testified in court he was a bad influence on his AUTISTIC SON.  This "man" FORCED his autistic SON to walk down a highway to get back to his mother.  That's sick.

And if you're wondering how a dangerous unqualified schmuck like this gets supported for high elective office, by sleeping with Sam Brownback's crazy cousin, Charlotte O'Hara, the "Queen of Gallop-polling Ambition", please read the companion post, on our sister site, www.KcmoPost.com.

Monday, June 13, 2016

VAXXED--the vaccine/autism documentary thru Thurs@Glenwood Arts: not crazy--smart ideas to save kids. Protesters refused free tix.

VAXXED screens daily several times thru Thursday,
at the Glenwood Arts.
The Q&A's were only Friday and Saturday.

You can see it @ Glenwood Arts, 95th & Mission, thru Thurs.
One of the most powerful revelations was that in 1986, Big Pharma got Congress to pass a bill often called Vaccine Court. It exempts the vaccine manufacturers from all damages, unless found at fault by a special legal process using the CDC evidence--well, folks, this movie shows the whistleblower who revealed that the CDC cooked the books! 

It's even worse for black kids than whites. Someone go drag Emanuel Cleaver to the Glenwood Arts! I will work on Kevin Yoder. Congress has refused to call the whistleblower to a hearing!!!

Follow the money folks. Big Pharma is the most powerful lobby in the US. No wonder they are promoting without fear. Just one vaccine nets them $30 billion. And the Gardisol vaccine for teenage girls is subsidized by our federal government, at a cost of $900 per pre-teen girl for a vaccine that wears off, it's not even a lifetime thing!

Connect the dots. See the movie. Do something.

Also, thanks to Tony for posting a revealing 30 min. video review from actual audience members.  See tonyskansascity.com, 5:30am Sunday to see the video.  One mom drove 5 1/2 hours to see VAXXED.  Won't you drive 20 minutes?

A bit more info:
The showtimes this Mon thru Thurs at Glenwood Arts are 12:05; 2:30, 4:40 and 7:05.

There were less than ten protesters Sat. night for the evening show--and class act that he is, Brian Mossman the theatre owner offered each of them a FREE ticket if they would come in and watch the film.

THEY REFUSED!!!  So much for hearing the other side before holding your banner out as if you are an expert.  I wondered if Merck and other vaccine manufacturers just paid them to protest.
The first commenter Sat. at the 5:10pm showing was pro-MMR vaccines, (her husband works for Merck, I think). Dr. Andrew Wakefield was VERY respectful to her, let her talk for at least 5 of the 30 minutes time, and offered to meet with her afterward.

Being a bit of a crusader, who actually lost his medical license in Great Britain, but moved to Austin and continues the educational effort, I expected Wakefield might be a narcissist or know it all, like our Clay Chastain the light rail crusader. Not the case. Calm, a good explainer. Rational. With specific, reasonable suggestions. 

And most important, he is not against ALL vaccines, (tho some of the mothers in Tony's link Sunday at 5:30 am being victims, are.) Wakefield appears rational, with a 4 step plan going forward.
1.  He advocates that Congress needs to call the hearing of the whistleblower from CDC who revealed the coverup...you'll see him in the movie. Come on guys and gals in DC! It makes you appear to be in the bag for Big Pharma that you won't demand the hearing.  No wonder the Sanders and Trump supporters want to throw you out of office.  

Wakefield says, and I agree, we need to overturn the 1986 Vaccine Court absolving this industry from damages. 

2. We need to force the vaccine companies to go back to how we administered vaccines in the 1950's--stop bundling the live virus for Measles, Mumps and Rubella in one toxic soup. Spread out the vaccinations, one a year.

For black youth, change the schedule, and delay all three of those vaccines to well after 3 years old. It's the 12 -15 month window that statistically is so dangerous. Hey, don't take the kids to Disneyland till later! 

3.  And we need to allow parents to use their own conscience in whether or not to vaccinate. California is on the brink of mandating it--with the current crippling schedule, all based on FAKED EVIDENCE!!!  Forced medical procedures...for the perceived good of the "culture".  Reminds one of the Nazi's.

4.   Finally, we need an independent scientific study --not stacked with vaccine manufacturers. A vs. B, etc. kids who took it, vs kids who did not, like they taught us in high school. The staffer for CDC admitted to one Congressman they never did that study!!! That's not just preposterous and illogical, it's fraudulent.

Our elected officials and bureaucrats have sold out our youth. From 1 in 150,000 to 1 in 67. Going to 4 out of 5 kids having autism by 2030. We can't afford that, nor should we doom these kids!

If you are from a church, Wakefield's group will send a free screener copy to you minister.

Film festivals, like KIFF at Glenwood Arts, Nov. 4-10 are where many of these films are shown. They are like the canary in the coal mine. Six years ago, the Glenwood Arts screened Under Our Skin, about lyme disease. Another case of the CDC being financially beholden to the vaccine lobby.

Go see it and decide for yourself if you've been lied to, by well-meaning pediatricians who were deceived with faulty evidence.

For more stories, go to www.kcmopost.com

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Friends with Autism? Think Vaccinations caused it? See expose doc, VAXXED, this Fri/Sat for Q&A with Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Glenwood Arts

In the history of the Glenwood Arts, they've never pre-sold 613 tickets for a one week showing of a documentary.  AND Brian Mossman and Ben Mossman, owners, have scored THREE guests for a Q&A, this Fri and Sat, at both the 5:10pm and 8:15 showings.  This is big.

Brian Mossman is also president of KIFF, Ks. Intl. Film Festival.  This year Nov. 4-10--our state's version of Sundance--and the best place to meet thinking people in Johnson County.  (just sayin.)

Now you may think you know what you know, about the vaccine/autism connection.  But are you willing to listen?  Dr. Wakefield is controversial, I admit.  But committed to connecting the dots regarding autism.  He's a bit Nelson Mandela--lost his medical license in Great Britain, moved to Austin.  Kept investigating.  Finally SOMEONE spilled the beans about the CDC coverup.  They just flat deleted evidence about the MMR measles vaccine.  Wait till you see the charts!  Autism, including Aspergers Syndrome and the whole "on the spectrum" disorder is epidemic.  And VAXXED:From Coverup to Catastrophe makes the prediction that if we don't fix this, by 2030, 80% of all boys will have it.

Do I think the CDC lies?  Absolutely.  They covered up and refused to deal with HIV/AIDS for political reasons, allowing millions of gays to die.  It wasn't until little teen Ryan White, a straight hemophiliac, got it from a blood transfusion, that America woke up.

Same with Lyme Disease.  The vaccine community, which is headquartered in London, goes after doctor's licenses if they report--or treat--Lyme Disease.  Their henchman in Kansas is a German professor at KState.  Who is...wait for it...on the take, or should I say board, of some vaccine developers.  The goal there?  Fix the old bad vax, that killed people.  When they have the new good one, well guess what: the witch hunt will end.  See "Under Our Skin", another great doc about a health coverup, one I saw years ago at KIFF.  PS: Lyme is an STD, and it's in the blood supply now, with no affordable, accurate test.  JoCo govt. won't report it.  Too much risk and paperwork.

So Andrew Wakefield, is a dog with a bone.  Lost his license.  Became a filmmaker.  Might be somewhat annoying.  Who cares????  Kinda like Clay Chastain in Kansas City.  Who pushed and pushed for the streetcar.  While Mayor James takes all the credit.  That's how leadership is sometimes.
Oh yeah, let's not forget the Tuskegee Airmen. Our US Army secretly gave them venereal diseases and never told them or compensated them for 30 years.  Just studied folks using them as black lab rats.  Does our government lie??  You bet.
If the Vaccine Lobby can financially intimidate a board of directors including Robert DeNiro, founder of Tribeca Film Festival, into pulling the showing of VAXXED, what else might they do to cover up the CDC coverup about their flawed Measles MMR vaccine?  DeNiro has a child with autism.  It wasn't until AFTER the festival that he dared to say,on NBC's TODAY show,  "I think the movie is something that people should see."

Does Big Pharma and the Vaccine Lobby have the power and the motive to suppress the facts????   To drive profits??  You decide.

Fri June 10 and Sat June 11, 5:10p and 8:15p for the Q&A's.  Huzzah to the Mossman twins at the Glenwood Arts for scoring this exclusive screening with THREE guests!!!!  And four Q&A's.  From experience, let me tell you: that's a huge deal.  VAXXED:From Coverup to Catastrophe was banned at Tribeca, but now has shown exclusively at 25 independent theatres around the country.  WE got the three guests!
Avoid lines, buy tix at fineartsgroup.com--under buy tickets, you must enter the date to get to the right page.        Thurs. June 16.  

Forward this to everyone you know with a kid 'on the spectrum' or having a child.
Consider at least spacing out your vaccinations.  Do you think three live ones at once cannot interact badly?  Is it worth it?  I'm not saying no to all vaccines.  But let's fix this.  Now.

For more info, see our full website, www.jocopost.com.  And read a companion story on www.kcmopost.com

Monday, February 29, 2016

The Pete Rose of Shawnee: Councilman Mickey Sandifer: Dumb or Devious? Secretly a tool of the Polsinelli law firm? At taxpayer expense?? The $75,000 question...

Mickey Sandifer is the Pete Rose of Shawnee zoning.  He cheated the taxpayers by throwing the game.  Now at first blush, you might think Mickey Sandifer, Shawnee Ward 4, is the dumbest City Councilman in Johnson County.

Shawnee Councilman Sandifer, who allegedly threw the fight to benefit Polsinelli's client, Vantage Apartments
  After all, he just dragged Shawnee into a lawsuit over the Vantage Apartments, by willfully and blatantly and voluntarily violating the 8 Golden Factors in their rezoning effort-- to build on land the developers own.

But is Sandifer dumb?  Or worse yet, devious?  Paid on the side to throw the fight?  Did he blatantly give his reason for voting no--in order to trigger the lawsuit by the metro's biggest development whore attorneys, Polsinelli?  Knowing that, immediately following the vote, when he did not have to say ANYTHING, instead he deliberately revealed the only illegal answer for his vote?  Knowing, and coached by the development attorneys that this would not only cause the city to be sued, but also allow the zoning to go through?
The neighbors are just realizing Mickey Sandifer screwed them.
Thus allowing Sandifer to POSE as a man who supported the neighbors, but really to get the entire divided council off the hook by forcing the COURT to reverse the zoning disapproval.

That's my bet.

There are only 8 legitimate reasons to say no to zoning.  They are called the Golden Factors. Established following the Kansas Supreme Court case Golden v. Overland Park in 1978.  And by law, there is one glaring reason that city councils can NOT use in making zoning and rezoning decisions.  Namely, that the neighbors don't want it.    

Because: neighbors never want the land next to them to be anything but exactly the way it is, vacant ground.  Or, more of what the neighbors have.  In this case, more single family homes.  But property owners have rights to use their land.  And there are 8 ways to justify it, via planning and staff reports.

Without the Golden Factors, there would be no development.  There would be no schools or nursing homes or fire stations or apartments or retail.

The brilliance of the Kansas Supreme Court's ruling was: it specifies eight legitimate reasons.  And it contains the Secret Bullet: if any council member is dumb enough to step on the buzzer, and utter the words, "I just did it because the neighbors told me to say no", then the zoning goes through.

AND if, like Mickey Sandifer, they happen to be so stupid or naive or arrogant or narcissistic {or option five: all of the above} as to say it, during the meeting, to the smiling Cheshire cat face of a Polsinelli attorney, then the project gets their zoning approved anyway, but there's also a fine.  In this case, $75,000 is cited in the lawsuit against the taxpayers of Shawnee.  (Note, Councilman Sandifer is paid a salary of around $8000 a year.  In my opinion, he should voluntarily cover the fine.)

Now, I am not a fan of Polsinelli's development law firm, especially John Peterson (he of Meadowbrook and the Tutera properties in Prairie Village).  And now he has his legacy, his son the puppet, young Curt Peterson, handling the EASY cases.  

How easy was it for Curt to get the zoning?  Well, pretty easy!!!  Maybe that explains why Curt Peterson REPORTEDLY WINKED AT SANDIFER!

Before the meeting, possibly in a private phone call, untraceable like an email would be:
All the lawyer had to do was potentially speak to Mr. Low Self Esteem, shoot-from-the- lip Mickey Sandifer, and whisper:  "You be the hero, Mickey.  Just vote no, but right afterward, talk into the mike and say these words:  "I voted no because the neighbors didn't want this zoning."

And of course, Mickey Sandifer played right into Polsinelli/Peterson strategy.  That's how they earn $500 an hour.  Playing weaklings like violins.    I haven't reviewed Sandifer's campaign contribution reports.  I can only imagine he will have as much money as he ever needs to run for re-election.

Here is Sandifer's poison pill money quote:
"I'm put on the council to vote in favor of the residents that I represent.  The residents in the area didn't want it, so I voted the way I voted because I felt that's how I could best represent the people."

And with that, the neighbors were screwed, but left with the false impression that Sandifer was "on their side".  No.  He wasn't.  He threw the fight and screwed you forever.

Elected office is not a plebiscite.  (Mickey would never know that big word.  He quit high school 38 or so  years ago, SM North, quit macrame class and jewelry making class six weeks before graduation.  Jesus.  Couldn't tie a few knots in order to graduate, and go to work for Daddy, driving Daddy's Explorer around the family trash business site,  the rest of his life.  He just got his GED only after I suggested he do it so he could "make a difference in this town".  After which he ran against me, by lying that I wanted to widen 75th St, which of course I did not. )

A Lesson in What it Means to be an Elected Official, 
You Take an Oath to Follow the Laws of Ks:
So elected office means you go to the meetings and read the reports and know the damn LAW.  That is your oath.  And along the way, you are coached, in executive sessions, by your city attorney, on exactly how to NOT break the law.  You are not a kneejerk do-what-a-dozen-neighbors-tell you, because they do not always know the law.  They just want what they want.

If America's cities were plebiscites, we could just install little voting apps on everyone's home computer or cellphone...and every Monday, homeowner could vote on every issue, even if they were uninformed.  Even if that vote would cost your fellow taxpayers $75,000 in fines.

Now Mickey Sandifer tried, once again, to be the Big Man.  (He tried it earlier, during the Deffenbaugh zoning when as a Planning Commissioner he went around in Daddy's truck and meddled as an unrequested 'negotiator' with those neighbors.)

This time, Sandifer just screwed all the taxpayers, including the neighbors he claimed to support, out of $75,000 AND the zoning.

And of all places.  Because that Golden case, in Overland Park, was triggered by a case before Shawnee's former City Attorney, the great and very wise Marvin Rainey.  (Father of Shawnee's current city attorney, Marvin's son, Ellis Rainey.)  Marvin used to be the mayor of OP.  AND JoCo's first Election Commissioner.  So when I was on the Council, trust me, we were coached all about the Golden Factors.

Shame on Mickey Sandifer.  Always a  know it all, always a wanna be.

I hope our local paper, the Shawnee Dispatch figures this out and reports on it.  Soon.  They should have spotted it when I did: the moment Sandifer VOLUNTEERED his illegal reason.  Instead, they waited until Curt Peterson filed the inevitable lawsuit last week.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Is that a pencil in your pocket or are you just glad to see me? How Graphene will change your world and lighten your purse or pocket.

There's a new next big thing.  Graphene.  Get ready to throw away your laptops, I-Pods and cell phones.  They will be as obsolete as 8 track tape, 78 recordings and cassettes in a very short while.  
From University of Manchester

OK, guys and gals--tell me a few things:  First: How do I invest in this?  
Second:  And should I?  Or am I impossibly late to this party???

(I did love the trailer for the upcoming Sally Fields movie, "Doris", where she asks a roomful of GenX hipsters who want her "digits" eg phone number, do they have a pencil.  And they tell her, "Nobody uses pencils any more."  Ha.  Those kids obviously do not golf.  And just maybe the late Sally Fields, as Doris, will have the last laugh.)

And third: Not to put too fine a point on it, (pun intended), but exactly how might you develop careers or new opportunities for yourselves, in this industry?

Life is moving pretty fast here in my world.  First we lost Pluto.  It was undeclared a planet.  By fiat from scientists.

So, with an eye to finality, I rushed to rip that page about Pluto, the Ninth Planet, out of my Encyclopedia Brittanica.

But then.. Oy veh.  A month ago, some smarter more unstoppable scientists with OCD and hoarding tendencies discovered a replacement ninth planet.  30,000 years away, sight unseen.  But it made the cut.  Which is a good thing, right?  Cut and paste, baby.  Cut. And. Paste.

Thank God for Scotch tape.  And my Grandma's pinking shears....I could have used a photo of a regular Scotch tape dispenser, but since many readers find me via Tonyskansascity.com, I thought I'd emulate his sexy spacer technique.  Min is so lame.  I know.  But it's an homage.  A start.

The coolest thing to me about graphene is that carbon is the 6th most abundant element on Earth.  I recently saw a re-airing of Lesley Stahl's alarming story about "rare earth minerals", being found mostly in China.  So this would possibly  keep us competitive if we can avoid our reliance on "rare earth".

I know we have some here in the US as well, but digging it out is as crazy as fracking.  

I am sure Donald Trump will be all over graphene, after he sweeps Super Tuesday.  We're not just gonna built a well.  And put a 35% trade tariff on all things Chinese.  Now we're gonna cut them out of the cell phone bidness.

And to help me remember the name, and do my little part to promote it to the world, raising our global consciousness of the next new thing, from now on, when I dine at a restaurant on the Plaza or at Urban Table, where they take one's name and call you for a table, I'm just going to CALL MYSELF GRAPHENE!!!