Friday, February 22, 2019

No More Taxes Shawnee on FB leads growing opposition to Shawnee Community Center. Alerts SOS Scott Schwab to Three Monkeys ballot wording deceptions that violate Consumer Protection Act.

The City of Shawnee is obsessed with keeping up with Lenexa. 
Have you seen that new ladidah Rec Center at 87th & Renner in Lenexa?  Let's raise our property taxes in Shawnee 52%, and build something two thirds as large, with half as many party rooms, as close as possible to Legends Outlet Mall!!!  Just don't tell the deets on the May 21 ballot!

 To the point of jamming in deceptive, incorrect, evasive and misleading ballot wording to approve a $54 million Shawnee Community Center on May 21.  But just saying it costs $38 million.

$2.7 million a year
x 20                         for the FIRST 20 years, (remember, in never sunsets, but let's start there) is
$54 million.

But the ballot says $38 million.

Did you ever buy a car, a house, a piece of particle board white trash furniture from Nebraska Furniture Mart? 

Big Louie works you over in round 1--for your monthly payment.  And then round 2, Horace says, "Don't forget the rust proofing!

There's INTEREST.  Which must be disclosed, or the seller has violated the 2018 AG Consumer Protection Act.  Now why in hell doesn't Tyler Ellsworth, the toddler lawyer and the Shawnee Council KNOW that and disclose it in the ballot??

Here are some of the violations that No More Taxes Shawnee on FB, led by tax cutting cougar, Tracy Thomas, spotted as she prowled through that Consumer Protection Act and the ridiculously vague seven line mail-in ballot as worded by Tyler Ellsworth, the "toddler lawyer" (3 1/2 years since he passed the bar), Shawnee's D list bond counsel, Kutak Rock.

Tracy shared them Friday with Scott Schwab's office, he's our new Secretary of State, since Kris Kobach left that office, lost for governor, and is now somewhere Building That Wall.

There is still plenty of time to amend the BALLOT WORDING, so it is not what I have just realized is a violation of the KS AG's Consumer Protection Act of 2018:
50-626, G2: oral and written representation of: 
1. Exaggeration 
2. Falsehood 
3. innuendo and 
4: Ambiguity as to a material fact.

G3: suppression or omission of a material fact. For example: Violations re 50-626: It's $54 million, not $38 million. Interest over 20 years must be stated.
It's unprecedented for a city to be so broke they must also FINANCE DAILY OPERATIONS, WAY BEYOND CONSTRUCTION COSTS! 17 FT Park employees, when only 12 were added to the police department this year.

50-626G8: a transaction that involves unrevealed obligations. 1. Will never be self-sustaining, even new, before it requires repairs and maintenance.  
2.No Sunset of the mill levy property tax (they could, but refuse to) 
3.No EARMARK of the mill levy property tax (they could but refuse to)-- which tells you that just like Merriam, they will repurpose, redesign or do something completely different, after we vote. It's a BLANK CHECK. Expected to also set the mill levy higher in July than their propaganda-- which is illegal electioneering. More violations of Ks. Consumer Protection Act of 2018, due to this deliberately vague ballot wording:

50-627b1: took advantage of inability of the consumer to understand the language of an agreement. (eg calling it $38 million when it's $54 million.) 
Where's the damn calculator when I need it, Mickey?

50-627b2: The price grossly exceeded the price at which similar property or services were readily obtainable. (eg Lenexa Rec. Center and new Joco pool, more conveniently located. Without paying $54 million, plus fees.)
I can't walk to the mailbox, on Nieman and 69th.  I have no use for this, can't use it or afford to build it for others.

50-627b3: Consumer unable to receive a material benefit. eg too far away, cannot use due to age, health, transportation. 
50-627b4: No reasonable probability of payment of the obligation IN FULL by the consumer. eg admittedly never self sustaining, even before it's not new.

50-627b5: The supplier (City) induced the consumer to enter into something excessively favor of supplier. (staff is so jealous of Lenexa, want their "own", even tho location is bad, too close to Wyco which has no rec centers, only 2 party rooms when Lenexa has 4, too much space allocated to sports, not enough community use.)

50627b6: The supplier (City) made a misleading statement of opinion--on which the consumer was likely to rely to the consumer's detriment. eg: won't commit to actual property tax mill levy increase. Because city is ignoring 2017 Ks. Tax Lid Bill, giving voters the sole power to raise mill levy. 
City intends to set mill levy at WHATEVER THEY CHOOSE, in July budget meeting. Guesstimates of $7.36 are not fact. They are teaser rates.

This is illegal, it's electioneering. Unprecedented. 
The city is desperate to compete with Lenexa. City trying to put speculative memo in the same envelope--or print on same page as evasive 7 line ballot wording.

Even trying to con the county Election Commissioner into signing it!! Non-binding, Metsker is a TV evangelist from the last century, not a lawyer, propaganda to hoodwink the voters.

All before the March county appraiser letters increase our property valuations dramatically. eg a house for $160k going to $200k, because small homes are in great demand. Keep reading: No More Taxes Shawnee on FB And when you read, anywhere, that the "cost is $38 million", challenge that online paper (, or TV 9 reporter or TV4 reporter, or council member or Julie Breithaupt, city social director, here on Nextdoor.

That is FALSE and MISLEADING. Might be the cost to a millionnaire buying a bond, but just like a car or a house that you finance, the actual total cost to the homeowner MUST legally state the interest. And the term of the loan. But this never sunsets. Total of $54 million plus future operating losses. Make your council members correct the ballot wording.  
For more information, see No More Taxes Shawnee on FB
as well as our sister blog,

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