Tuesday, December 15, 2015

10 snobbiest cities in Kansas--and all but one are in JoCo!!! But at least my town, Shawnee, was 18, and didn't make ten most redneck towns.

Just in time for holiday taunting...See the 10 snobbiest cities in Kansas--here!

Gotta love the descriptions. Years ago, I promised snobby Leawood Mayor Peggy Dunn that I would not say "ladidah Leawood", in any of my memorable radio spots for Rutlader Furniture,  for an entire year.  Well, time's up.  Ladidah is as #1 lives.  Truth be told: that is not a live giraffe ogling the Mayor's cleavage.  She was at a Lyric Ball auction.  And she is not really taller than a giraffe.

Second spoiler alert: Prairie Village does not have mountains.  Yet.  Tho once the new mayor, Laura Wassmer, decorates her new free Joco tax subsidized community center, the former Meadowbrook Club House, she may want to build a ski chalet and serve cocoa at Meadowbrook.  But only if the county commission subsidizes it.  Someone, ask Commissioner and former mayor of PV, Ron Shaffer.  It could be the next tax subsidy: New Courthouse plus Morgue for Olathe.  Plus a bonus Mountain Range for Prairie Village, to get those swing voters there.

And when they show Fairway on this list, that photo is the Shawnee Indian Mission museum.  This is disgusting, because it was where snooty Kansas missionaries had the courts/sheriffs kidnap and house little Indian kids, and tried to turn them into worker bees for white families.  Tried to beat their native religion out of them, and turn them into Methodists.  And yet, we spend JoCo county tax dollars to subsidize this and celebrate it.

Stealing someone's culture and brainwashing them.  Not a good thing---
---Martha Stewart

To my knowledge, no native American Indians currently live in Fairway.  But Fairway does boast the region's largest inventory of homes with just one car garages, since that used to be the rule there.  Point that out, as you haul your relatives by car on this Tour de Snootiness.

Now many of you will argue, rightfully and indisputably, that of course Mission Hills should have been #1.  That's what makes these silly lists such perfect table talk for your family holiday party. Statistics.  Bigger liars than your Uncle Homer.

And is it true George Brett moved from Mission Hills to PV?  Someone report back on this.  I thought it was just his wife who opened a little noshery in PV.  There are no homes with ballfields in the back yard for George's four boys--in Prairie Village, are there???

So, before you put on your ugly sweater or unfurl your napkin--and tuck it tastelessly into your shirt collar, do one thing:

Print off the list, and tuck it into your pocket.  Pull it out when your family members bring up any of the Top 10 WORST subjects for Christmas dinner:
Hillary or--
Planned Parenthood
Second Amendment v. Gun control
Former Royals players
How about those Chiefs

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