Monday, June 13, 2016

VAXXED--the vaccine/autism documentary thru Thurs@Glenwood Arts: not crazy--smart ideas to save kids. Protesters refused free tix.

VAXXED screens daily several times thru Thursday,
at the Glenwood Arts.
The Q&A's were only Friday and Saturday.

You can see it @ Glenwood Arts, 95th & Mission, thru Thurs.
One of the most powerful revelations was that in 1986, Big Pharma got Congress to pass a bill often called Vaccine Court. It exempts the vaccine manufacturers from all damages, unless found at fault by a special legal process using the CDC evidence--well, folks, this movie shows the whistleblower who revealed that the CDC cooked the books! 

It's even worse for black kids than whites. Someone go drag Emanuel Cleaver to the Glenwood Arts! I will work on Kevin Yoder. Congress has refused to call the whistleblower to a hearing!!!

Follow the money folks. Big Pharma is the most powerful lobby in the US. No wonder they are promoting without fear. Just one vaccine nets them $30 billion. And the Gardisol vaccine for teenage girls is subsidized by our federal government, at a cost of $900 per pre-teen girl for a vaccine that wears off, it's not even a lifetime thing!

Connect the dots. See the movie. Do something.

Also, thanks to Tony for posting a revealing 30 min. video review from actual audience members.  See, 5:30am Sunday to see the video.  One mom drove 5 1/2 hours to see VAXXED.  Won't you drive 20 minutes?

A bit more info:
The showtimes this Mon thru Thurs at Glenwood Arts are 12:05; 2:30, 4:40 and 7:05.

There were less than ten protesters Sat. night for the evening show--and class act that he is, Brian Mossman the theatre owner offered each of them a FREE ticket if they would come in and watch the film.

THEY REFUSED!!!  So much for hearing the other side before holding your banner out as if you are an expert.  I wondered if Merck and other vaccine manufacturers just paid them to protest.
The first commenter Sat. at the 5:10pm showing was pro-MMR vaccines, (her husband works for Merck, I think). Dr. Andrew Wakefield was VERY respectful to her, let her talk for at least 5 of the 30 minutes time, and offered to meet with her afterward.

Being a bit of a crusader, who actually lost his medical license in Great Britain, but moved to Austin and continues the educational effort, I expected Wakefield might be a narcissist or know it all, like our Clay Chastain the light rail crusader. Not the case. Calm, a good explainer. Rational. With specific, reasonable suggestions. 

And most important, he is not against ALL vaccines, (tho some of the mothers in Tony's link Sunday at 5:30 am being victims, are.) Wakefield appears rational, with a 4 step plan going forward.
1.  He advocates that Congress needs to call the hearing of the whistleblower from CDC who revealed the'll see him in the movie. Come on guys and gals in DC! It makes you appear to be in the bag for Big Pharma that you won't demand the hearing.  No wonder the Sanders and Trump supporters want to throw you out of office.  

Wakefield says, and I agree, we need to overturn the 1986 Vaccine Court absolving this industry from damages. 

2. We need to force the vaccine companies to go back to how we administered vaccines in the 1950's--stop bundling the live virus for Measles, Mumps and Rubella in one toxic soup. Spread out the vaccinations, one a year.

For black youth, change the schedule, and delay all three of those vaccines to well after 3 years old. It's the 12 -15 month window that statistically is so dangerous. Hey, don't take the kids to Disneyland till later! 

3.  And we need to allow parents to use their own conscience in whether or not to vaccinate. California is on the brink of mandating it--with the current crippling schedule, all based on FAKED EVIDENCE!!!  Forced medical procedures...for the perceived good of the "culture".  Reminds one of the Nazi's.

4.   Finally, we need an independent scientific study --not stacked with vaccine manufacturers. A vs. B, etc. kids who took it, vs kids who did not, like they taught us in high school. The staffer for CDC admitted to one Congressman they never did that study!!! That's not just preposterous and illogical, it's fraudulent.

Our elected officials and bureaucrats have sold out our youth. From 1 in 150,000 to 1 in 67. Going to 4 out of 5 kids having autism by 2030. We can't afford that, nor should we doom these kids!

If you are from a church, Wakefield's group will send a free screener copy to you minister.

Film festivals, like KIFF at Glenwood Arts, Nov. 4-10 are where many of these films are shown. They are like the canary in the coal mine. Six years ago, the Glenwood Arts screened Under Our Skin, about lyme disease. Another case of the CDC being financially beholden to the vaccine lobby.

Go see it and decide for yourself if you've been lied to, by well-meaning pediatricians who were deceived with faulty evidence.

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