Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Why I deleted FB Messenger from my phone. It's like Pre-Crime and a spy camera!

The most important film of the decade was Minority Report, starring Tom Cruise--explaining pre-crime...and Big Brother getting all up into our business. 
Even tho Tom Cruise is personally a creep, his movie Minority Report warned us of how Big Brother has its eyeballs on our every move, everything we shop for, every message we send, every call we make...even every thought we entertain about what we'd LIKE to buy in the future.  And now Facebook Messenger's permissions app does all that.  And I bet you never read it, just clicked YES.

The man on the attached video, EXOabigdeal, who explains the dangers, uses more than the normal number of curse words, but look way beyond his outrage: he is absolutely right!
How dangerous FB Messenger is.
Their applications are preposterous.
Secret use of your camera, access to all your contacts, ability to make phone calls without your permission, permission to downlaod files and share them with others, without notifying me!

It's all in the Permission Page for FB Messenger.

I took Messenger off my phone, completely. People can text me.  That's enuf.

But if you listen to the end, EXOabigdeal on YouTube explains three apps you can use on your phone so you can still receive Messenger messages, but keep it from launching, and keep it from sharing.
Those are Greenify, Smart BoosterPro and Boot Manager.
I have better things to do at my age.  But if you are hip and your kids are messenging you, try those.

Facebook Messenger: Most dangerous app I've ever had explained to me.

Shame on you, Mark Zuckerberg. 
YouTube video explains huge dangers of FB Messenger--it's a combo of Pre-Crime and a spy camera

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