Saturday, October 31, 2015

Finally, I agree with Steve Rose: JCCC should drop name of Carlsen Center. Just don't rename it the Cosby Center!

Since I haven't read the KC Star for two years, thanks to for posting Steve Rose's column.

Read Tony's comments plus Steve Rose's column re Carlsen Center

Finally, Steve Rose and I agree on something.

Steverino loves being called Mister Johnson County.  And 99.97% of the time, he is an apologist for his golfing buddies and the development attorneys and the bankers and Ed Eilert who voted to give HIM that title, so then he supports whatever agenda of tax grabs and land grabs they want to advance.

So I was shocked that he wrote, we should rename the Carlsen Center at JCCC.

Now Steve Rose is not a journalist.  He inherited his millions from his great Dad, Stan Rose, back when we had a Sun Newspapers.  He is a mouthpiece.

So do I think he had this original thought?  Of course I do not.  I suspect Chuck Carlsen and his wife are tired of being reminded of Carlsen's history of chasing women who were his employees.  Rose quotes Carlsen.  Rose does not report.  He shares what he is told to do.

I believe Carlsen WANTS his name removed.  Good.

I believe the elected board of directors of JCCC WANTS to remove Carlsen's name.  And thus, Rose's editorial gives them political cover to finally do the right thing.  Good.

I believe the school newspaper staff and students deserve high praise, because it took great courage when Ann Bullers and her kids published their exposes about Carlsen--WHILE he controlled their budget.  And subsequent staffers and reporters have continued to press this issue.  Good.

Now two things:
the board of JCCC needs to also pass a guideline that henceforth no current employees get to use taxpayer dollars to build a building and then bully the board into naming it after them.

And: just don't rename it the Cosby Center.  Then we're good.

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